I think a big part of motivation as a “creative” lies in free time. Personal projects keep my skills sharp, give me a sandbox for new techniques, or forge a path into new disciplines.

So, naturally, one of my favorite holidays is Halloween. Some of my best makeup work was in 2012 as Heath Ledger’s Joker. I used liquid latex to create the scarring, and Ben Nye paint for the rest. A few years later, I moved to EVA foam for my portrayal of Strong Bad, the delightfully cranky luchador of Homestar Runner. I even got a shoutout in their costume roundup!

I also love home movies. I’ve been making annual recaps for a decade now, putting clips to music as a ritual send-off for the year. I’ve also dabbled in ambigrams, which are words that can be read from multiple perspectives. In 2011, I was a national finalist in the Adobe Imagination Challenge for a video showing my ambigram design process.

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