Audio Visualizations

Like many companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, CSTE transitioned its in-person events to virtual offerings. We typically shot interviews and b-roll at these events, and with limited opportunities for other content, we needed something a bit more dynamic than just screen recordings of Zoom. Thus, the audio wavelength visualization! I not only pitched the idea, but took on 100% of the logistics—recording, logging, graphics, and animation. We even produced an hour-long visualization of the 2020 CSTE Awards ceremony, complete with the accompanying slide deck on-screen.

Laying this groundwork came in handy for the 2021 CSTE Annual Conference, where our team listened to plenary speeches to identify sound bites. Using Quicktime screen recording and an aggregate audio device, I could capture .m4a audio files instantly—hours before our platform vendor processed their own recordings. After using one of three custom pre-made templates in After Effects, I exported the clips and sent to our Communications Specialist, who uploaded to Twitter by mid-afternoon. This realtime work increased social media engagement, leveraged the algorithmic benefits of video, and gave the whole event a level of prestige and polish that is unmatched at our larger sister organizations.