CSTE Annual Reports

Prior to 2015, CSTE’s annual reports were designed in Microsoft Publisher—so I was excited to bring a bit more customization and polish to the process. It’s been great to evolve the design over the last four reports, going from a traditional 8.5×11″ report to a more unique 8×8″ layout.

The reigning challenge each year is readability. How do we fit all our great accomplishments in as few pages as possible? For one, I’ve found novel ways to condense tables and lists (see the evolution of the leadership sections from 2015-16 to 2018-20). I also put an emphasis on pull quotes and photos to break things up visually.

This report is one of my signature projects: I’m responsible not just for the graphics and layout in InDesign, but also copywriting, copyediting, and liaising with our print vendor.

Links: 2015-16 Report | 2016-17 Report | 2017-18 Report | 2018-20 Report