Driving Public Health in the Fast Lane

In 2019, CSTE and the de Beaumont Foundation released a 56-page report highlighting the need for data modernization. Our policy consultants authored the text, while I handled all layout and design. We later secured $50M in initial funding for CDC on this topic, and in subsequent COVID-19 appropriations, another $950M was earmarked—making this report quite the successful reference for Washington decision makers. 

I’m particularly proud of the cover design. While the vector illustration was a Getty stock item, I changed the color scheme entirely and added some subtleties like binary numbers and the bar graph shadow. I wanted visual elements specific to epidemiology (data, epi curve) without taking away from the overall theme (roadways, movement).

This was also my first large-scale foray into Character Styles and Paragraph Styles in InDesign, which came in handy when we needed to change fonts midway through the project. The infographics on pages 19 and 20-21 were both custom-made in Illustrator, as well. But overall, I found that my MPH degree was the most valuable asset for this project: it would have been far more difficult to identify callouts if I didn’t have a grasp of the content.

Link: Full Report